Strategies for Sustainable Self-Sufficiency

I spoke at the 6th annual Canadian Survival Expo on the topic of “Strategies for Sustainable Self-Sufficiency”. To be fair, my wife suggested it should really have been called “Strategy for Sustainable Self-Sufficiency” since the strategic aspects were all just how I think about things.

In addition to the sniffs and the mumbles (which I feared would be worse), there are a couple of factual issues. My estimate of peak chicken in a year is high, with something like 50 being more representative of the typical year. Also, for drinking water we fill up 5 gallon jugs from the faucet in town (free). Certainly we could filter our cistern water, but this has proven to be easier for us to this point. All the other water use on the property is the collected rainwater as stated. I believe that is it, save for the structural issue of my having never gotten to a point. The resource list can be found here.

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