This blog is all about practical self-sufficiency. It documents projects I have undertaken in order to live a more autonomous life, skills that I have learned along the way and lessons that life has taught me. Although an inclination towards self-sufficiency has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, I focus on activities subsequent to 2006. This is when my wife and I moved from the city to a small rural property and began our efforts to create a comfortable living space, reduce our costs, and restore our property to a more natural state. A few disclaimers:

  • Although my wife and I are partners in crime, this blog is written in the first person singular and is intended to reflect my views and perspectives. I will try to present things as accurately as possible — consulting with her on her areas of expertise — but do not want to risk speaking for her.
  • I will try to include sufficient detail in posts to help out those with their own projects without getting bogged down in minutia. Please feel free to post a comment for more detail or input if you have a project of your own along similar lines to something I have presented here.
  • I am not an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, a gunsmith or anything else of that sort and cannot provide any sort of legal guarantee on the information presented. There is a risk associated with forging your own path and I encourage everyone to be very careful and contemplative when pushing the envelope of their own capabilities.
  • This blog is not about survivalism, prepping, homesteading, primitivism, anarchism, permaculture or anything else so all-encompassing. People looking for anything ideology-driven or singular in focus are liable to be disappointed.
  • I do not wish to present the impression that the overarching process here was premeditated. It was not our original intent in moving out here to end up where we are. We had different plans at the time. Nor can I claim that my own voyage towards self-sufficiency stems from anything more noble than an inability to function properly in a larger society coupled with a desire to exist, if not with a sense of purpose, at least with some semblance of accomplishment.

All this being said, welcome to the site. I hope you find some value on these pages.

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