Useful Resources

This list supercedes the list from the ZSC Presentation

  • One Yard Revolution – On YouTube, Facebook and the Chicago Suburbs. The channel deals with “organic” vegetables in a small space on a low budget and with minimal labour inputs.
  • Small Town Homestead and The Modern Homesteading Podcast – Covers a wide variety of projects and practices on a fraction of an acre in a town setting. Lots of material here.
  • Four Season Harvest – A book by Eliot Coleman dealing with growing year-round under glass or plastic. All “organic.”
  • – Dr. Elaine Ingham deals with the science of soil life and compost.
  • Aster Lane Edibles – Located near Ottawa, a source for many hard-to-find edible plants — most of which you have probably never even heard of.
  • Michael Phillips – Author and “organic” fruit tree grower from New Hampshire.
  • Temperate Climate Permaculture – Great plant profiles for temperate climate edibles and useful landscape plants, as well as the plans for putting it all together.
  • The Chicken Health Handbook – quite technical but very thorough.
  • My Pet Chicken – The “Pick a Chicken” breed recommendation tool is fun and the site answers basic questions.
  • Backyard Chickens – Great articles and a popular forum to connect with other chicken keepers.
  • Poultry Talk Ontario – Over 600 members, most of whom live and raise poultry in Ontario.
  • The MeatEater Podcast – part of a family of media (tv show, books, blog), the podcast contains a wealth of information and perspectives — often having biologists as guests.
  • Hunter Angler Gardener Cook – Hank Shaw’s page with lots of information and recipes for cooking wild game and foraged plants.
  • Bug Guide – Excellent source of information for identifying arthropods in Canada and the United States
  • Mizuna et Pois Mange-Tout – A tiny urban homestead doing a lot in a very small space. Text is French.
  • Live In The Garden and Live on the Farm TV Show – Market Gardener in CT putting out videos on gardening, with a focus on melons.
  • Apache Open Office – Open Source productivity software.
  • Google SketchUp – Free 3D modelling software. Make 2017 is the last stand-alone free version.

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